My name is Ian Albinson, and I am running for Selectboard.

I’ve lived for over ten years in Bristol, in a home just a short walk from Main Street. I am the Executive Director of the local downtown group Bristol CORE and run a motion design business with my wife, Raedia. We also have two young boys, Max and Finn, who will one day participate in the Bristol school system. Bristol is special. My family cares about its future and I want to further serve our town as a Selectboard member.

I ran for Selectboard this past March, for the current open position, and received 402 votes, just 11 shy of winning the seat. I received strong support for my campaign from a wide range of Bristol residents, including three former Selectboard members, and members of Bristol’s Planning, Conservation, and Energy commissions and committees.

Getting Involved

Since 2009, I volunteered for the Bristol Downtown Community Partnership and served on its Design Committee and board. In 2015 I became its Executive Director. We restructured the organization and renamed it Bristol CORE. The new name speaks to our goal: doing everything we can to support and keep vibrant Bristol’s historic Downtown and Main Street.

Working with other CORE members, and collaborating with our great community businesses, I’ve organized, fundraised, and facilitated large-scale events for the area like the Pocock Rocks Music Festival & Street Fair, Chocolate Walk, and the Lumen Celebration of Fire & Light. We have also created new events like Reel Film Fridays at the Lawrence Memorial Library. Other projects include the Town Green lighting and entryway beautification, the updated children’s playground, and the annual Main Street flower baskets. In all this work, I’ve built relationships with our current businesses and sought to bring new ones to town.

Local Government

I’ve worked closely with the Town of Bristol as a former Chair of the Energy Committee, and am currently a liaison for the Main Street Lighting & Sidewalk Improvements project scheduled for 2020. I was also the chair of a Communications Committee that explored community engagement and outreach for the town administration. Consistently attending town Selectboard meetings and communicating regularly with the Planning and Conservation Commissions means I am up-to-date on town affairs and am ready to hit the ground running.

The Next Step

I have a clear history of focusing on service to our Bristol community. I hope to deepen my commitment as a Selectboard member, honoring a long tradition of independent thought and community dialogue. I’d like to see a focus on transparency and due process on the decisions being made that affect our townspeople. I’d also like to identify and use the community strengths we have in Bristol to meet our goals while protecting the natural beauty of our surroundings and keeping the rural-village character. I see my role as a Selectboard member as someone who listens, cares about the community and shows initiative.

Bristol is a vibrant and dynamic community and I am proud to be a member of it. I admire the ingenuity of the residents and business owners who work to make this a prosperous and safe place to live. I am committed to increasing the social and economic vitality of Bristol.

Your Vote Makes A Difference

I look forward to speaking with you about my candidacy. If you have thoughts to share or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can reach me by phone: (802) 760-6076, or email: ian.albinson@icloud.com.

I’m asking for your vote on or before Tuesday, December 3, 2019.